Company Name: Crisis On Call

Emergency Identification Helps Saves Lives

Emergency identification can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. Paramedic services try their best to help the people that are in emergency situations, but the South African climate surrounding medical aid can make it hard to give a person the attention they require. This is made even more difficult when a person cannot be adequately identified at the scene of an accident and is forced to go much farther for live saving treatment. Emergency identification may be the answer to this problem.

Let’s take a typical road accident as an example. In a serious accident, cars are damaged, people are injured and there is general chaos in the air. When the paramedic services arrive, they quickly try to ascertain who is in need of the most assistance. If a person is conscious able to, they can easily identify themselves and indicate whether or not they have medical aid or not. With this knowledge, the paramedic services can make a quick decision about where to take the patient in question. But what if the person is not conscious? This is when emergency identification comes in.

With emergency identification, it doesn’t matter how chaotic the scene of the accident is, the paramedic services will be able to identify the people involved quickly and easily. At CrisisOnCall, the emergency identification bracelets contain a toll-free number to their call centre and a reference number. A paramedic can easily dial the number and in a matter of seconds have all the necessary information about the patient at hand. This not only saves a lot of time, but can also save a person’s life.

It has happened countless times that paramedic services take a seriously injured and unconscious patient to the nearest private hospital, only to be shown away? Why? Because there is no proof that the patient is covered by a medical aid. Since no identification could be found at the site of the accident and since the patient is unconscious, there is no way to check. With emergency identification, however, the identification can speak for the patient and ensure that he or she gets the medical attention they deserve.

Emergency identification is not just useful for paramedic services that have to deal with complete strangers every day of their lives. This identification can be used to identify a lost child that is wearing the armband or to track down your loved ones at the scene of a huge accident or disaster. Doctors, nurses and paramedics all know the value of emergency identification since it makes their jobs so much easier.

Accidents happen fast and disasters can strike at any time. With emergency identification you can ensure that no matter where you are when disaster strikes that you can be identified. It’s not just a good idea, it’s a necessity.

For more information, visit Crisis On Call.

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